The Consortium's partnership with Hope International University

What are the BENEFITS to the schools of the Consortium’s partnership with Hope International University?

  • Students may still enjoy the flexibility of online classes.
  • Students will have access to courses that will be of assistance to them as they pursue their degree program at their respective school.
  • Classes are offered in eight-week blocks, with five sessions per year.
  • Students will have access to the full complement of distance learning resources available to online students enrolled at HIU, including research databases as well as over 80,000 eBooks.
  • Each course offered under this arrangement will have undergone evaluation and revision to ensure compliance with Regional and ABHE accreditation guidelines and standards of distance learning excellence. (For accreditation purposes, the courses will be incorporated into the HIU list of course offerings within the appropriate College of the University.)
  • As before, participating schools will be able to retain one-half of the tuition for each student enrolled in a Consortium class. The other half will be remitted to HIU and will be used to cover the cost of faculty compensation and the administration of the program.

How does this program WORK? What are the details?

  • Students must receive approval from the appropriate Academic Office of their respective school before registering for an online class. Students will be asked to fill out a brief form in order to complete their registration through HIU. For purposes of these courses, students shall be considered as dual enrolled at their respective school and HIU.
  • Upon completion of the course, HIU will provide a transcript of credit and grades, to the school in which the student is enrolled.
  • Tuition payments shall be made by the student to the school in which the student is enrolled, as usual. Based on the institution’s respective tuition rate, the participating school will retain one half of the tuition and submit the other half to HIU to cover costs, as outlined above.
  • Individual schools will be responsible for ensuring that students are in good academic standing, collecting and submitting tuition payments, and processing individual student financial aid.


Questions?  Contact Jeff Robertson, Consortium Coordinator. 
Phone: 417-622-2837